Sir Chris Hoy snaps gym picture of baby son

CHRIS Hoy has posted a photo of his nine month old baby on the day he sat up by himself for the first time - in the gym.

Chris Hoy takes the shot of his baby son as he works out at the gym. Picture: Twitter

Super cute Callum Hoy, who was born 11 weeks early weighing just two pounds two ounces, was pictured sitting underneath a massive weight.

Dressed in dungarees and with a mop of blond hair the tiny tot, who spent the first 140 days of his life in hospital, is dwarfed by his dad’s gym equipment.

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Proud Chris, the Olympic cycling legend from Edinburgh, tweeted: “Got a new gym buddy to spot for me.”

Remarkably the picture of Callum in the gym was taken on the same day he sat up by himself for the first time.

His mum Sarra, who has spoken about emotional roller-coaster of having a premature baby, revealed he had just reached the major milestone.

In response to Mark Russell ‏who tweeted: “Sits up better than our baby - due dates around the same time, ours born at term.”

Sarra replied: “That’s so kind of you to tweet. Ours just learned to do that today. Congratulations on your new addition!”

It was not just his dad who was impressed by Callum’s early dedication to the gym.

George North, the former Wales and British Lions international rugby union player, commented: “Good boy! Beach weights to start!”

Mal Hughes tweeted: “Fantastic photo, will be Master Muscles in no time. Be careful he doesn’t show you up.”

While Team Tandem added: “He looks like he’s not impressed with your choice of weights or did you not do enough reps #kidsarehardtaskmasters”

Chris Hoy will be pleased to have a new gym buddy. The eleven-time world champion and six-time Olympic champion previously spoken about his “exhausting” training regimes.

In an interview just before London 2012 he explained: “I will do two gym sessions a week, working for two hours.

“I’m doing a lot of work with weights at the moment and it just leaves you exhausted.”

He added: “You can’t really do more than two sessions because of the damage it does to you. It takes 48 hours for the pain to peak after a session.”