Scottish independence: Ken Stott backs ‘Yes’

KEN Stott, known for playing Ian Rankin’s Inspector Rebus, has announced his support for a Yes vote in the independence referendum.

Ken Stott, pictured during the filming of Rebus in Edinburgh in 2005. Picture: TSPL
Ken Stott, pictured during the filming of Rebus in Edinburgh in 2005. Picture: TSPL

Stott was born and raised in Edinburgh, but is now based in London and will be unable to vote in the referendum on 18 September. However, the 59-year-old has spoken of his “wholehearted” support for an independent Scotland.

He said: “Most importantly, I think democracy is best served if the referendum is held solely for those who live and work in Scotland, the people who have the most to gain from a Yes vote.

“I am wholeheartedly in favour of an independent Scotland. I was born and raised in a Labour household to parents who, if alive today, would give their unequivocal support to the Yes campaign. In common with them, I believe in traditional Labour values: self-determination, full democracy, education for all, and a culture that reflects these ambitions.

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    “I am very aware of how warmly Scotland is regarded around the world, and a vote for self-determination would raise our international profile even further with lots of benefits for Scottish arts and culture.”

    Stott, who is also famed for his role as the dwarf Balin in The Hobbit series of films, added: “I was in Germany at an international convention for The Hobbit films over the Easter weekend and I was very touched by the overwhelming support and good wishes for Scotland’s independence shown to me by people from all over the globe.”

    He added: “I want us to win predominantly on the arguments of sound economics and fact. I fear broadening the franchise could introduce an element of nostalgia and sentimentality which might impair that vision. Admittedly, I am envious though.”