Scottish independence: Celebrities speak out

CELEBRITIES took to social media sites to send messages to would-be voters.

Fashion designers Georgio Armani has offered his support for the Yes camp. Picture: Getty

Author JK Rowling called for unity no matter what the result of today’s poll, while comedian Greg Hemphill used the opportunity to encourage people to vote - for independence.

“My head says no and my heart shouts it - but whatever happens, I hope we’re all friends by Saturday,” said Ms Rowling.

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Hemphill, who has starred in TV programmes including Still Games and Chewin the Fat, added: “See you at the polling stations folks! Good luck and never look a gift Yes in the mouth.”

Cosmetic surgeon Dr Leah Totton, who won last year’s Apprentice, with Sir Alan Sugar, seized the chance to cash in on over-optimistic independence supporters, should Scotland vote ‘No’.

“Should it be a ‘no’, we’ve seen a few ‘Yes Scotland’ tattoos, which we’ll offer to remove for 50 per cent off at Dr Leah clinic,” she wrote.

Meanwhile, fashion designer Giorgio Armani added his voice to those pressing for a Yes vote.

Armani dipped rather reluctantly into the political question, at first demurring when asked if he supported independence for Scotland, then saying, “Yes.”