Michelle Mone confirms she will leave Scotland

BRA tycoon Michelle Mone has confirmed that she will leave Scotland.

Michelle Mone has revealed she will quit Scotland. Picture: Robert Perry
Michelle Mone has revealed she will quit Scotland. Picture: Robert Perry

The Ultimo chief, who threatened to leave the country in the event of a Yes vote in last year’s historic referendum on Scottish independence, announced the news via Twitter this morning.

Ms Mone told her 945,000 followers that she was ‘moving away for many reasons’.

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Ultimo will remain headquartered in Scotland, she added.

The lingerie boss put her luxury Park Circus flat on the market earlier this year so she could buy her ex-husband out of the house they shared in Thorntonhall.

The pair separated in 2011, and revealed in October 2013 that she was ‘heartbroken’ at being forced to sell her dream home after ex-husband Michael - with whom she founded MJM International - refused to let Ms Mone buy him out of his share of the property.

Ms Mone said at the time: “I tried to buy my ex-husband out. If I could I would have stayed. I was heartbroken to leave. He just wouldn’t sell it to me. I’m not allowed anything.”

But Mr Mone hit back, claiming: “The divorce agreement was that neither party would sell to the other. It was the family home and it wouldn’t be right for the children for either party to return to the house.”

And Ms Mone regularly spoke out against Scottish independence, saying just days before the vote that she was ‘very scared’ about the prospect and backing more powers for Holyrood.

In January 2012, the entrepreneur told The Sunday Times that she would leave Scotland if the country voted Yes.

She said: “I will move my business and I will move personally. I don’t think we can survive on our own and I think it would be really bad for business.

“Everything would go up and I really don’t think we need it at the moment.”

Ms Mone said earlier this year that she would be voting for the Conservatives in the general election to prevent the prospect of a Labour / SNP pact.

She said in April: “I am genuinely concerned that we could end up sleepwalking to this outcome: Ed Miliband in Downing Street, being bullied about by Nicola Sturgeon.

“Everyone thinking of voting in this election needs to realise that. Nicola Surgeon would totally rule the roost. Along with Alex Salmond, she would call all the shots.

“Why does that matter? Because together, Labour and the SNP would be a horror show for our economy. Their sums just don’t add up.”

Ms Mone also told LBC radio host Nick Ferrari that a Labour / SNP government would be ‘bad for Britain’.