Martin Landau, Oscar-winning actor, dies at 89

A publicist for Martin Landau says the Oscar-winning actor and star of the 'Mission: Impossible' TV series has died.

Martin Landau, the Oscar-winning actor, has died at the age of 89. Picture: Getty Images

Dick Guttman said Landau died Saturday of unexpected complications during a short stay at UCLA Medical Center.

He had just celebrated his 89th birthday.

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Landau was the crafty master of disguise for the TV version of Mission: Impossible, then capped a long and versatile career with an Oscar for his poignant portrayal of ageing horror movie star Bela Lugosi in 1994’s Ed Wood.

Landau also gained some measure of fame among Star Trek fans for a role he didn’t play, pointy-eared starship Enterprise science officer, Mr. Spock.

Star Trek creator Gene Rodenberry had offered him the role, but Landau turned it down.