Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society: applauding a great support act

Cirque Berserk’s acrobatic show at the Pleasance for the FringeCirque Berserk’s acrobatic show at the Pleasance for the Fringe
Cirque Berserk’s acrobatic show at the Pleasance for the Fringe | 3rd party
Cirrus Logic sponsors one of the world’s greatest celebrations of arts and culture – the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society. The Fringe says the generous support from Cirrus Logic is vital to ensuring the annual event’s continued success as a valued and enriching cultural experience in Scotland’s capital.

According to Shona McCarthy, chief executive of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society, Cirrus Logic came to the rescue when it was most needed – as the country tried to recover from the pandemic – and it has chosen to continue its valuable support of the Fringe in the years since.

She adds: “As I’ve said many times, the Fringe is a team effort, which requires the input of so many in this city and beyond, so it’s incredibly gratifying to see a company with roots in Edinburgh, and a commitment to a culture of creativity, continuing to invest in its cultural life and vitality.”

Cirrus Logic is a leading supplier of innovative solutions in audio, voice and haptics for devices including smartphones, tablets, truly wireless headsets, wearables, laptops and AR/VR headsets.

Since 1998, the company’s headquarters have been in Austin, Texas, and it has an office in Edinburgh’s Quartermile.

​We asked Andy Brannan, Vice President of Cirrus Logic, why his company supports the work of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society.

Why did you decide to be a sponsor of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe? The Cirrus Logic team aims to always be positive contributors to the local communities we reside in. We have a long history of supporting local charities and events both in the UK and in Austin, Texas, where we are headquartered. We are approaching 400 staff here in Edinburgh.

Why do you think it’s important to support the Fringe? It is an amazing event. Whether you are a performer, a fan – or an interested local resident, as many of our staff are – it is an event that lights up the city, bringing joy to many.

We were shocked in 2021 that so little was being done by public and private institutions to ensure the Fringe Society would have the necessary funds to survive the pandemic and prepare for – what was then a hope – a 2022 Fringe.

The event is a platform, it’s an incubator of talent, a catalyst for local business revenues, it’s a curator of live entertainment, and therefore great for performers, local business, residents, and audiences from further afield.

All these stakeholders benefit in their own way from the Fringe.

How does the ethos of the Fringe align with the ethos of Cirrus? The ethos and inclusive vision of the Fringe – “give anyone a stage and everyone a seat” – resonates very strongly with our organisation and our own values. With Cirrus based at Quartermile in Edinburgh, so close to all the Fringe activities around the university, it felt important to many of us during the tough pandemic days to do what we could to help.

We now work closely with Shona and her team and regularly discuss ways we can try to help them be successful – not just financially, but with introductions to other technology companies and individuals who can help them.

What benefits do you get from sponsoring the Fringe?

At Cirrus, we all feel good about making a positive contribution to a globally significant event based here in the city where we live. I’d summarise the benefit as, it feels good to do a good thing and to be seen to do it. The benefit is intangible, but feels valuable to all of us.

And a final question for Cerstin Heck, Development Manager, at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society – please sum up what it means to have the support of Cirrus Logic? As a sponsor of the Fringe Society for the past three years, initially coming on board during the pandemic, Cirrus Logic’s support has sustained our core charitable work to “give anyone a stage and everyone a seat”.

It has been invaluable for us to continue making the festival more accessible both to artists and local communities and we are incredibly grateful for their continued support.