What type of coffee drinker are you?

We delve into Edinburgh's café society to discover just how many types of coffee lovers there are.
Find the perfect cuppa for youFind the perfect cuppa for you
Find the perfect cuppa for you

People in coffee shops don’t just go there for the coffee. Yes, some simply love the quick hit, but the caffeine drinkers are as varied as the beans themselves. What type of coffee drinker are you?

The decaf de-addict

You're drinking coffee for the caffeine, not for the taste. You don't need to kid us with this “Oh, well I'm not addicted” nonsense. We know what you want and we're here to provide it.

A leisurely drink or a quick hit on the go?A leisurely drink or a quick hit on the go?
A leisurely drink or a quick hit on the go?

Syrup specialist

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Coffee syrup is a classic but somehow it still feels a little bit like cheating. A hazelnut, vanilla or caramel latte is always a good thing. Although, gingerbread not at Christmas? Hmmm...

Young sanctuary seeking mum

It's hard enough being a young mother, and long days staring at your own four walls with someone very small and very grumpy for company can be a little trying. This is the time in life when coffee is a necessity and a friendly stranger gently warming up a baby’s bottle becomes the most attractive man you will ever see. The barista can seem like a life-saver, better still when served up in an oasis of city-centre tranquility.

A leisurely drink or a quick hit on the go?A leisurely drink or a quick hit on the go?
A leisurely drink or a quick hit on the go?

The necker

In, out. Bish, bash, bosh. Sorted. Espressos may be small but that's no excuse for smashing it in one. Savour it man! Coffee should be more than just fuel.

The 'expresso' bloke

For somebody that “loves coffee” you'd think he’d know how to pronounce it! Considering that the Italian meaning is 'to press out', not 'fast', as usually expected, the 'x' mutation is all the more galling. However he says it, he loves that taste!

Smoothie specialist

Those seasonal speciality products are not quite coffee, but we still love them. Normally a smoothie specialist would have their healthy visage met with rolled eyes, but when you can get a Tropical Fruit Cooler (pineapple, lime and coconut milk) or a melon apple and kiwi concoction, we're sure it's pretty justified.

The reader

J.K. Rowling may have done lots of her writing in the coffee shop, but reading with a warm cup of Java in hand is also one of life’s joys. Better still if you choose somewhere like the new Costa in stylish George Street, Edinburgh, with big windows, beautiful old domes and plenty of people to watch. Great for the daydream break from chapter 27.

The cliched hipster

Ah, the coffee snob. They may have their own specialist hangouts these days but they're still catered for in most places. Although if you enjoy agonising between Arabica and Robusta, please spare a thought for those behind you in the queue.

Painful vegan

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Speaking of which, veganism is pretty commendable. It might well even be diet of the future; just a shame that a hardcore of its practitioners always seem to be in front of you when you want a quick hit. Well, you can apparently get milk from oats, cashews and even quinoa, so why not?

Coffice worker

The person who has no interest in the coffee, just the WiFi. Working from home is obviously a massively isolating drag but it can still turn your local coffee shop into 'laptophenge'. There's just never enough plugs for all this behaviour.

Whoever you are...

No matter what your coffee preference is Costa can cope with it. There's a new store open on George Street in Edinburgh, that has that beautiful daydreamer's dome in a serene new town setting. It's not just coffee too, ham and cheese toasties (don't tell the vegans) and caramel shortbread are more than available, alongside the usual lattes, frappes, cappuccinos and smoothies.

Take a look at what's on offer here.