WATCH: First look at starring roles for V&A Dundee and Gleneagles in Brian Cox's HBO drama Succession

The first glimpses of the starring roles for Dundee's V&A museum and the Gleneagles resort in the HBO media drama Succession have been revealed.

Matthew Macfadyen and Sarah Snook were among the stars of Succession to film scenes at V&A Dundee.
Matthew Macfadyen and Sarah Snook were among the stars of Succession to film scenes at V&A Dundee.

An official trailer has been revealed for the next instalment of the show, which will see Brian Cox's character Logan Roy honoured in Scotland for his 50 years in business.

Cox is seen alongside leading members of the cast of the show, including Sarah Snook, Alan Ruck, Matthew Macfadyen, Holly Hunter and Jeremy Strong.

Dundee-born Cox was stunned to learn that the makers of the show had decided that his character, who has drawn comparisons with Rupert Murdoch, was also from the city and that they wanted to film a number of scenes there.

He only discovered that his character was born in Dundee towards the end of filming on the first series, which was launched to critical acclaim last year.

Scenes were shot at the V&A in Dundee less than year after it opened its doors on the city's waterfront, as well as at Gleneagles, the nearby village of Auchterarder, in Perthshire, and in Ayrshire.

Scott Ferguson, executive producer of Succession, said: “Shooting in Scotland presented us with a truly unique and exciting opportunity for Succession, not only visually with amazing locations and a fantastic creative and technical crew, but also in terms of storytelling. The cast and crew had a fantastic time, and of course, there was something very special indeed about bringing Brian back to his – and Logan’s – hometown of Dundee."

Brodie Pringle, head of screen commission at Screen Scotland, said: “It is incredibly important for Scotland to forge relationships with international studios like HBO and Succession has provided a unique opportunity to do this on a project featuring one of Scotland’s most established actors, Brian Cox.

"This production has not only provided vital training opportunities for new entrants to the industry in Scotland but also the first on-screen cameo of V&A Dundee, a new location with a very exciting future ahead.”

Cox, who started his career at Dundee Rep theatre when he was just 14, plays the head of a dysfunctional family behind a global media empire in Succession.

Speaking ahead of the filming in Scotland, Cox told The Scotsman: "The irony is we started Succession and I originally wanted to play him as Scots. I thought it would be interesting to play Logan Roy as Scots.

“And the writer went, ‘He needs to be American.’ And I was like, ‘Okay, fine.’ And the director, Adam McKay, who did Vice, said: ‘I think the Scots idea is a good idea.’ We left it and the compromise was that I was born in Quebec, Canada.

“Now, this was on the pilot. So we were filming the last bit of it, episode 9, in Eastnor (in the Cotswolds) for this sequence where we came back to England for my daughter’s wedding.

“The guy who proposed the toast for my birthday in the first episode said to me: ’You know they’ve changed your birthplace?’

“I said: “What do you mean, they’ve changed my birthplace?’ He said, “Yeah, you’re not born in Quebec anymore. I said, ‘Where am I born?’ He looked at his phone and went, ‘Oh, here we are: Dundee, Scotland.’ I went: ‘What?’

“And I went up to the writer and said: ‘What do you mean Dundee, Scotland? I’ve been playing this as a sort of American, mid-Atlantic thing’. And he said, ‘Oh, we just decided that would be a good place for you to be born.’

“I hope I reflect Dundee. They call it the City of Discovery, but really it’s the city of survival. It’s not the City of Discovery. I’ve such a strong affection for it."