Video: When adulting gets hard, Ashley Storrie channels her inner child

As house prices skyrocket and retirement looks more distant than ever before, rising comedy star Ashley Storrie's message at this year's Fringe is that adulthood isn't all it's cracked up to be.

But in her opinion, it doesn’t all have to be doom and gloom. Ashley’s solution is to stay in touch with the child in each of us for longer than the grown-ups tell us we should.

That’s why, in her Free Fringe show ‘Adulting,’ Ashley calls for a reappraisal of Harry Potter wands and delirious dogs in the face of petty playground politics, lighter wallets, and the glass ceiling.

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“There is a weird societal push to do the things our mums and dads did,” said Ashley.

Ashley Storrie. Picture: Steve Ullathorne

“But the things our mums and dads did, we can’t afford. I’m going to be a child forever and spend all my money on Harry Potter wands.”

Ashley also rolls out her blueprint for a better world during the show, emphasising the importance of smear tests and offering her strategies for taking down the Twitter trolls.

At a time when the political and social forecast has never been more stormy, Ashley is proud to offer her dose of sunshine at the Fringe for free.

For Ashley, the Free Fringe experience results in mutual gains; Fringe-goers have access to comedy for little or no money, and she gets a real high from brightening up someone’s day.

“We’re all struggling just now, and it is important that there is some sort of morale-boosting thing that you don’t have to spend money on.

“It makes me feel good, and it makes the people who come to see it feel good,” she added.

As someone who suffers from anxiety, Ashley finds that comedy is what allows her to be her own person and to get her views across.

“When I’m on stage, that’s when I really feel safe to communicate with people. I can feel safe to say the things I want to say.”

• Ashley Storrie: Adulting is on at 8pm at Laughing Horse @ The Counting House over 21-25 August and at Laughing @ The Pear Tree at 5.15pm on 20 and 26 August.