Video: Ten historical Scottish artifacts recovered from time

All over Scotland, archaeology is paining a 7,000-year picture of our natural identity.

From all the ancient artifacts unearthed around Scotland, archaeologists have been able to piece together 7,000 years of Scottish history.

The oldest find, dating all the way back to neolithic 5,000BC is the Orkney Venus statue - the first known artifact depicting human form, discovered on Westeray in 2009.

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The Galloway Hoard and the Lewis Chessmen are of equal importance, sharing invaluable insight on the Viking invasion and the lives of settlers following William the Conqueror ‘s reign after he took throne in 1066.

While never buried underground, Sweetheart Abbey in Dumfries and Galloway was included in the list as a monument of times gone by - lived in by King Edward I during the First War of Scottish Independence, some years after he took another of the objects - The Destiny Stone - home as spoils of war.

The Jacobite uprising was a crucial moment in Scottish history and both Mary Queen of Scots Penicuik Jewels and Bonnie Prince Charlie’s Travelling Canteen have since been recovered.

Take a look at the video above to see our favourite lost and found Scottish artifacts.