Under the Radar: Union of Knives

Back after a hiatus lasting more than a decade, Glasgow-based Union of Knives are poised to complete an ambitious plan for a double album, write Olaf Furniss and Derick Mackinnon
Union of Knives PIC: Simon MurphyUnion of Knives PIC: Simon Murphy
Union of Knives PIC: Simon Murphy

After a hiatus lasting more than a decade, Union of Knives resurfaced in 2021 with Endless From The Start, the first half of what was originally conceived as a double album. On 19 March, they will complete the original plan, with the Start From The Endless mirroring the art and even the vinyl (part one was white, part two will be black) of the initial installment.

The Glasgow-based trio are anchored by producer Chris Gordon, who is joined by singer Anthony Thomaz (DopeSickFly) and drummer Peter Kelly (The Kills, Ladytron). In his other role, Gordon has worked with some interesting acts including Spain’s Monica Naranjo and the country’s former Eurovision entrant, Edurne.

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However, Union of Knives are a decidedly darker proposition ranging from the type of industrial electro-rock of Nine Inch Nails to a lighter Massive Attack vibe. The latter is further reinforced with the vocals of Daisy Miles and Gordon’s wife, Lucy.

On 20 February the band give a taste of a quality album, with the single Salut Salut, which has Thomaz’s voice underpinned by a pacy 90s rave track. Union of Knives play Glasgow’s Hug & Pint on 6 April, see www.unionofknives.com

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