Under the Radar: Simon Thacker

Simon Thacker is a virtuoso classical guitarist and composer. One year on from his Indo-Western album, Svara-Kanti, his latest, Tàradh, is released next week and has already been nominated for The Ivors Composer Awards.
Simon Thacker 
and friends PIC: Juliette LichmanSimon Thacker 
and friends PIC: Juliette Lichman
Simon Thacker and friends PIC: Juliette Lichman

On Tàradh (a term from Gaelic witchcraft) he’s joined by three of Scotland’s leading improvisers, Paul Harrison (piano), Andrew Robb (bass) and Stu Brown (drums) and one of Spain’s greatest young cantaoras (flamenco singers), Ángeles Toledano. Thacker creates groundbreaking compositions, drawing from a diverse range of styles and cultures – Western, Indian, Sephardic, Flamenco, Romani to name a few – enabling his ensembles to tour the world. Featured by Classical Guitar (USA), Jazzwise, Rolling Stone (India) and with five star reviews from publications including The Scotsman, it’s clear there’s an appetite for Thacker and his genre-mashing collaborators. Tàradh is released on Saturday.  www.simonthacker.com

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