Under the Radar: PELOWSKA

Edinburgh-based duo PELOWSKA have been picking up radio plays far and wide, and their latest single mixes a retro synth groove with soaring vocals, write Olaf Furniss and Derick Mackinnon

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PELOWSKA PIC: Marina SolarPELOWSKA PIC: Marina Solar
PELOWSKA PIC: Marina Solar

When producer, lyricist and musician Aneshka Pelowska arrived in Edinburgh 12 years ago, she came with an interesting musical pedigree. Having started out as a child performing in a famous folk group in her native Poland, she went on to record with reggae, electronic and pop outfits, before joining prog-metal act Setareth.

On moving to her adopted city, she immersed herself in open-mic nights and sang for a variety of local bands. And when an unfortunate accident with a glass of wine destroyed a laptop with several months’ worth of compositions on it, she turned to fellow musician Dave Tynen to help her get back on track.

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The result is PELOWSKA and the duo have been garnering some respectable attention over the past couple of years, including plays on BBC Introducing, not to mention Amazing Radio and stations in Australia and the US.

Their next single, Safety, is released on 25 October and mixes a retro synth groove with soaring vocals. It will be followed at the end of the year by Deep Water, an exciting, remote collaboration with Croatian composer Marko Tomasović. Both songs will be accompanied by music videos and live shows are lined up for March, see www.facebook.com/pelowska.band

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