Under the Radar: Odia

International trio Odia have yet to meet in person, but they already have an album on the way and live dates planned, write Olaf Furniss and Derick Mackinnon


Although the pandemic has had a significant impact on live music, it has also led to some impressive collaborations, and to the creation of quality work which is unlikely to have materialised under normal circumstances. The latest example of such a musical partnership is Odia, which was spawned by Royal Conservatoire of Scotland tutor Stuart Spence.

He contacted French violinist Perrine Missemer after discovering her on YouTube, and followed up by getting in touch with Malaysian Uilleann piper Faliq Auri on Instagram. Contributing their parts remotely from their respective studios in Irvine, Lyon and Kuala Lumpur, the trio will follow their 2020 EP Home with a full album release on 3 June. Titled Prize Fighter, it boasts an upbeat trad feel, blended with elements of jazz and electronica, and occasional spoken-word contributions provided by Fiona McNeil.

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Although the band have yet to meet in person, they will come together for a debut show at the Eden Festival on 10 June. In the meantime, the track Goodnight Rachel, released on Friday, provides a taste of what to expect. www.odia-music.com

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