Under the Radar: Katherine Aly

When Katherine Aly launched her solo project earlier this year, she already had a strong track record of musical and artistic collaborations under her belt. So perhaps it should come as no surprise that within two weeks of her first gig she was invited to support Goodbye Mr McKenzie and then ONR, as well as getting booked for Kelburn Party.
Katherine Aly PIC: Jannica HoneyKatherine Aly PIC: Jannica Honey
Katherine Aly PIC: Jannica Honey

Her debut single was released in May via Edinburgh label Infinite Hive and is followed on 17 August by the excellent Sunny Days. Not only do we have an exclusive preview of the video (directed by Stuart Alexander) – www.bit.ly/Kalipreview – but also the first picture from her shoot for photographer Jannica Honey’s Blackbird series (see right).

Aly plays a Fringe show at Cold Town House on Saturday. With most grassroots music venues pimping themselves out to comedy at the moment, this offers a rare opportunity to hear a promising local musician perform in the city this month.

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