Under the Radar: Bloke Music

Glasgow's Armelodie Records has an impressive pedigree when it comes to releasing original music which pushes the envelope, and the label's latest '“ an eponymous EP by Bloke Music, out on 10 February '“ is no exception.
Bloke MusicBloke Music
Bloke Music

A supergroup consisting of difficult-listening stalwarts including former members of Gastric Band and Super Adventure Club, they describe their songs as a blend of prog rock, contemporary classical and Michael McDonald. We also detect a hint The Tubes and an Alex Harvey-style vocal which delivers lyrics that eschew the rhyme crimes committed by far too many acts.

Bloke Music reckon that this collection of five songs will “make you pout and gyrate like a pissed uncle at a wedding”. Listen to Bloke Music by Bloke Music at www.bit.ly/2blokemusic

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