Under the Radar: Red Twin

Red Twinhave crafted a selection of perfectly sculpted pop masterpieces guaranteed to lift the spirits

Red Twin
Red Twin

Technically, Red Twin formed when a teenage Stewart Black was learning guitar and forced his brother Cameron to buy a bass so that he had someone to play music with. However, their current musical vehicle only came into its own in 2018 after the siblings left their previous band, Broken Boy.

After a year of writing at home in Dundee, they went into the city’s Magic Box Studio to record several tracks with producer Scotty Anderson. The results are a selection of perfectly sculpted pop masterpieces guaranteed to lift the spirits, evoking everything from the Pet Shop Boys’ melodies to Franz Ferdinand’s rhythmic riffs.

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Red Twin’s next single, Orange Sea, is released on 14 August, but they’ve given us exclusive access to a private link (https://bit.ly/RedTwin). The duo will also be streaming a live version on 7 August with a video to follow later in the month and live shows with a full band in the autumn. www.facebook.com/pg/Redtwinmusic

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