Under the Radar: Life Model

When Life Model's Glasgow-based guitarist Christopher T Smith advertised for a singer, he probably didn't expect that vocalist Sophie Evans would move to the city from Newcastle, having penned lyrics for half the songs he had written.

Life Model
Life Model

Four years on and the band have established themselves as torch bearers of the classic C86 indie pop sound, wooing festival goers at events including Lost Map’s Howlin’ Fling, Doune The Rabbit Hole and King Tut’s Summer Nights. Their excellent EP Lucky, which was released in July on Durham-based label Frux Tapes and recorded by Smith and Tuff Love’s Susan Bear, is guaranteed to appeal to fans of the latter’s band as well as followers of contemporary indie-pop acts such as Veronica Falls. Life Model play several dates in Glasgow over the coming weeks, as well as one in Bathgate on 30 September. Facebook.com/LifeModelMusic

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