Under the Radar: Callum Easter

Callum Easter has been creating ripples in Edinburgh for most of 2016, recently picking up nationwide interest in the run-up to the release last week of Get Don't Want. Billed as an EP, although with six songs it's arguably a mini album, it sees the former member of The Stagger Rats take a decidedly more edgy direction to create one of our highlights of the year. While most blogs and radio shows have picked up on the lead track Feelings Gone, a singalong number set to a slightly plodding keyboard, Easter really excels on the other songs.

Callum Easter, preparing to turn the music world upside down

Anyone who remembers the amazing Edinburgh band Penpushers will delight in the claustrophobic sounds and verse of Second Time and Chemo Bells, while the tracks Want It Sometime and Little Burden both display sparks of genius. Easter has been working with Leith-based producer and erstwhile Young Fathers manager, Tim Brinkhurst. Based on what we have heard so far, Brinkhurst has found another winning act. www.callumeaster.com

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