UK's first underwater concert to be staged in Glasgow

The UK's first underwater concert is to be staged at an arts centre in Glasgow this summer.

Laila Skovmand is one of the performers in Danish company Between Music's show AquaSonic.
Laila Skovmand is one of the performers in Danish company Between Music's show AquaSonic.

The Tramway will be hosting a performance by five Danish singers and musicians playing custom-designed instruments.

The show, which has been nine years in the making and has involved deep-sea divers, scientists and instrument-makers, will see the musicians submerged in vast tanks of water that will glow in a darkened gallery space.

The performances of AquaSonic, by the Danish company Between Music, are expected to be highlights of Glasgow’s biennual festival of “sonic arts.”

The company describes the show, which features a a hydraulophone, violin, electromagnetic harp, chimes and percussions, as a “concert experience out of the ordinary - a deep dive into a compelling visual universe and a new world of sound.”

Organisers of Sonica, which will host work from 12 countries in October and November, have billed the “unmissable, otherworldly” AquaSonic, as one of the highlights of the autumn cultural calendar in Scotland.

Cathie Boyd, artistic director of Sonica producers Cryptic, said: “We are thrilled to be able to open Sonica with an unmissable UK premiere of one of the most jaw-dropping concerts you’re likely to see.

“AquaSonic is truly unlike anything audiences will have experienced before and to be able to show it to UK audiences for the first time is an honour for Sonica and Glasgow.

“We’re also proud to present work from the most promising talents on the Scottish and UK arts scene, and to bring the cream of the visual sonic arts world to venues across Glasgow.

“With all installations free to attend, Sonica is the perfect opportunity to experience what happens when technology, science and art get together.”