Theatre review: Wrecked

Sharp-eyed visitors to George Square might already have noticed the wrecked car parked to the south of the gardens. The car plays host to an audience of six for this site-specific play written and directed by Jonathon Carr for young company Fever Dream.

Rating: ***

Venue: Assembly George Square Gardens (Venue 3)

Sam (Kristy Bruce) regains consciousness at the wheel of a crashed car, with no memory of how she has come to be here. But she knows that the car isn’t hers, and feels instinctively that she shouldn’t step outside it. For the next 45 minutes, we share this confined space as her memory returns, and with it the full and terrible realisation of what has happened.

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    Through flashbacks, we build up a sense of woman who wants to run from life, and of the exhilarating, rule-breaking love affair which prompted this last destructive attempt at escape. Recorded conversations introduce us to the other lives which will be affected.

    While dependent on its setting, Carr’s play is a powerful cautionary tale about how a young woman can wreck not only a car but her own life.

    • Until 29 August