Theatre review: Wondr

Edinburgh Festival Fringe: For Faith Allgood, a black single mum, the internet is a place where her voice can be heard, where an ordinary person can become a superhero. When her blog (wondrwomanuk) goes viral, she feels empowered. But when her daughter is abducted, she must crack into action which is more than just virtual.

Assembly Roxy (Venue 139)


Poppy Burton-Morgan’s pacy verse monologue, one of two new plays by Metta Theatre exploring our relationships with the digital world, is beautifully performed by Simone James. Insightful observations come thick and fast: personal posts have more impact than political ones; Faith’s 11-year-old daughter wants a less digital life than her mother has.

But then the action takes a twist too far. One minute Faith is running through the headquarters of shadowy corporation Media UK dressed as a cleaner, about to save her daughter. The next, her phone is not her own, and she’s being told her avatar was someone else’s invention. The writing falters, and the character we’ve grown to like seems no longer sure she even exists. While based on a strong idea, Wondr is in danger of being too clever, and leaving its audience behind.

Until 28 August. Today 1:10pm.