Theatre review: Procrastinate

He's got a 'really important deadline' '“ he needs to finish creating a presentation about straws.

Star rating: ***

Venue: theSpace @ Jury’s Inn (Venue 260)

Yes, straws. He works for a straw company, likes WKD and can’t “get a girl”, and it’s no wonder – because he’s trapped writing PowerPoint slides about “the social and political impact of flexible drinking tubes”. Or he would be if he didn’t keep getting distracted by the internet, emails and re-enacting films with post-it notes.

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This delightfully dry comic piece, created and produced by Brick by Brick, and charmingly performed by a silent Jack Chamberlain, is a celebration of the addictive little distractions that make office work less dull but last twice as long. It’s full of geek-chic charm, with the best bits playfully satirising social media and banal business-speak.

Wearing matching burgundy trousers and tie, Chamberlain flits between tiredness, anger, hope and shock as his online activities are projected on to a big screen. As the smart little structure takes shape and its amusing characters emerge – from a mysterious sheriff to an office try-hard – the piece proves there’s more to communication that spoken words and those hastily hammered into keyboards.

Until today, 8:40pm.