Theatre review: Downs With Love

There is a warm welcome from volunteers at the door of the Edinburgh Elim church which extends right through his heartfelt play about a woman with Down's Syndrome, and her relationship with those in her immediate orbit and the ­wider world.

Rating: ***

Venue: Edinburgh Elim (Venue 132)

Beth is energetic, ­strong-willed and knows what she wants. She loves Coronation Street, One Direction and boys, especially the boy who plays guitar in her local pub. She strikes up an easy rapport with her new support worker Tracy, who in turn strikes up a rapport with the object of Beth’s affections.

Although it is obvious where this love triangle is going, it is a pleasure to take the journey with the cast, especially Abigail Brydon, making her debut with her sweet, feisty and ultimately very touching performance as Beth. Brydon brings such humour and charm to the show that the action flags a little when she is not on stage.

Downs with Love is simply, disarmingly delivered, never labouring its point about the obstacles Beth faces. She asks not for pity but for understanding and equality of opportunity, packing palpable emotional power into a very moving final speech.

• Until 12 August. Today 7:30pm