Theatre review: DIGS

Edinburgh Festival Fringe: It's £600 to live in an airing cupboard, either Jess (Murrain) or Lucy (Bairstow) points out '“ it's hard to tell which as their voices blur together in an avalanche of warring words.

Pleasance Courtyard (Venue 33)


Fluid language and movement underpins the whole of this amusing, innovative and, at times, angry show that juxtaposes living in flatshares in your 20s with an older generation, happily gardening in the houses they fully own.

Moths, debt, being in the red, lying in bed – the steam of consciousness dialogue is full of observations and images that tessellate in a satisfying way, even if the repetition sometimes feels like it’s treading water at the expense of a more developed story.

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Mixed in are amusing scenes between a middle-class landlady and her young tenant, who she’s simultaneously fascinated by and suspicious of. Jess and Lucy also tell us about their sharply timed daily morning routine and the consideration for others this involves. This is implicitly contrasted with the attitude of anyone who rents out sub-standard accommodation to young people for more than it’s worth. When a woman on a voicemail gushes about the “wonderful space” she inhabits at the end, it’s a reminder that everyone deserves somewhere nice, and affordable, to live.

Until 28 August. Today 1:45pm.