Here are the 10 top albums in the UK this week, according to Spotify listens.

Spotify charts: Spotify stats for the top 10 UK albums available to stream on Spotify this week

Spotify ranks albums by how many people have streamed them in the UK for this chart.

53% of UK consumers with a music streaming subscription have a Spotify account, compared to a combined 48% with either Amazon Prime Music or Amazon Unlimited. It’s certainly one of the most popular music streaming option in the UK and in various other countries around the world, offering both free and paid subscription options.

What has always set Spotify apart is the service’s ability to recommend music very well based on your music tastes, gathering huge amounts of data from its users to predict what they would like to listen to.

This data is fun to review for many people, with Spotify making it public to users in-app via its yearly Spotify Unwrapped round-ups. Other services, like the most-recent Spotify Pie Chart, offer similar services.

Other than these personalised recommendations, Spotify also ranks the top albums, songs, and more according to your current location and on global charts. If you’re looking to stay up with the latest trends in music, this is a good place to start.

Here are the top 10 albums streamed in the UK this week, between Monday June 6th and Sunday June 12th.

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