Garbage singer Shirley Manson is never short of something interesting to say.

Shirley Manson in Quotes: Here are 13 interesting and funny things the Garbage singer has said about music, fame and imposter syndrome

She found global fame as the frontwoman of chart-topping alternative rock band Garbage – and Shirley Mansun is never short of something to say.

Born in Edinburgh in 1966, Shirely Manson was brought up in the Stockbridge area of the Capital and was educated at Broughton High, where she performed in school plays and musicals.

Originally she wanted to be an actress, but failed to get into the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama and worked in a number of temporary jobs, before working as a shop assistant for Miss Selfridge.

Her musical career began in Scottish band Goodbye Mr Mackenzie, playing keyboard, providing backing vocals and developing an arresting screen presence that led to her record label encouraging her to front her own group called Angelfish.

A successful audition for Garbage, who saw an Angelfish music video on MTV, led to her joining the band who released their critically acclaimed and commercially successful eponymous debut album. Seven studio albums later Garbage have toured the world, sold over 17 million records and been nominated for multiple Grammy Awards.

Manson has also written and recorded solo material, as well as appearing as a Terminator called Catherine Weaver in the second season of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Here are 13 interesting and amusing things she’s said in interviews.

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