The Scottish influence behind the creation of Batman

First appearing in DC Comics in 1939, the character of Batman has grown in popularity ever since on TV, comic books, film and even on the radio.

Christian Bale stars as Batman in The Dark Knight. Picture: Warner Bros

But co-creators Bob Kane and Bill Finger looked a little further than Gotham City for the Caped Crusader’s real name.

Bruce Wayne - American billionaire, philanthropist and owner of Wayne Enterprises - was named for two real life individuals.

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A painting of Robert the Bruce. Picture: Contributed

His surname comes from a colonial army officer during the American Revolution, ‘Mad’ Anthony Wayne. his soubriquet coming from a tendency to be easily angered.

Wayne’s bravery and tactical ingenuity saw him rise through the ranks to Brigadier General, and he led several successful battles against British forces, including Monmouth and Stony Point.

He later made the move to politics, and was one of the delegates who ratified the US Constitution.

But Batman’s given name was inspired by Scottish king and national icon Robert the Bruce.

A painting of Robert the Bruce. Picture: Contributed

In Kane’s autobiography Batman and Me, it was confirmed that the duo felt it would be ‘appropriate’ for a billionaire to be descended from nobility.

Kane and Finger tried out a few names before eventually deciding on Bruce.

The real-life Robert the Bruce served as king of Scotland between 1306 until his death in 1329, famously leading Scottish forces to victory over the English at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314.