Scotsman Games: Bit Socket to film pilot for STV

THE duo behind one of Scotland’s most celebrated YouTube gaming channels are to make their television debut later this year with a pilot show for STV’s new local TV channel for Glasgow.

The BitSocket duo. Screengrab: YouTube
The BitSocket duo. Screengrab: YouTube

Bit Socket, an online video show and blog which mixes thoughtful reviews with whimsy and satirical segments, has built up a small but loyal band of followers over the past three years.

The channel, run by Scott White and Joe Merrick, was nominated last year for a Golden Joystick award, and currently enjoys over 2,000 subscribers.

Now, the pair have pledged to make the “best half hour of videogames television the world has ever seen” as they make the move to the small screen.

The show, expected to be broadcast later this year, will be the first dedicated Scottish gaming show since Videogaiden.

In its licence application to Ofcom for the new service, STV specifically mentioned Bit Socket as one of the programme ideas for the new channel, known as GTV. The application described Bit Socket as a ”Youtube phenomenon.”

In an update on their Facebook page, White and Merrick said they would be taking a “short break” to formulate plans for the pilot, and appealed to fans to help create the programme’s set by sending in games-related paraphernalia such old old gamepads, toys and posters.

They stated: “We want to make something inclusive, celebratory and unashamedly full of love for videogames. We want to make something that you don’t need to have completed Dark Souls to enjoy.”