Scotland’s art treasures go digital

SOME of the most acclaimed artworks from Scotland’s national art collection have been made available online through a groundbreaking new initiative from Google.

Masterpieces such as Claude Monet’s Haystacks and Titian’s Venus Rising From the Sea are among 150 works from the collection of the National Galleries of Scotland which can now be viewed in high resolution on Google Art.

Scottish art is well represented, with paintings by FCB Cadell and Sir Henry Raeburn on show alongside portaits of famous Scots such as Robert Burns and Sir Walter Scott.

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The partnership is part of a major global expansion of the project, which now counts 151 partners in 40 countries.

Worldwide, a total of more than 30,000 objects are available to view - a massive increase on the original 1,000 in only nine museums.

As well as viewing paintings, sculpture, street art and photographs in a conventional gallery view, some museums can also be navigated in 3D, thanks to an extension of Google’s Street View indoors.