Nicknames for Scottish towns and cities

EDINBURGH and Glasgow have well-established nicknames - Auld Reekie and Dear Green Place, for those that don’t know - as do does Aberdeen, but what about smaller towns and cities in Scotland?

The Scotsman picks a few of its favourites - feel free to throw in your own contributions below...

Musselburgh - ‘The Honest Toun’

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Musselburgh, a former fishing town, is the largest town in East Lothian and is a just short hop on the bus from Edinburgh. Its nickname derives from its Latin motto, Honestas, dating back to the 14th century. Musselburgh’s Honest Toun Association have honoured the nickname by annointing the town’s most honest lad and honest lass every April since 1936.

Peterhead - ‘The Blue Toon’

Though no definitive reason has been established for the nickname given to Scotland’s most easterly town - and thus claims to receive up to 20 per cent more sunshine than Edinburgh - the most credible account lies with the fashion for blue knitted socks and jumpers among fishermen; the former were known as ‘moggans’, and the fishermen who wore such attire were called ‘Blue Mogganers’.

Kirkcaldy, Darvel and Auchterarder - ‘Lang Toun’

All three cities share this nickname for rather literal reasons - Kirkcaldy and Auchterarder are both blessed with long high streets, while Darvel is so named because of the layout of the town, which from a map looks more like a road than a burgh.

Perth - ‘The Fair City’

Also known as St John’s Town, Perth regained its city status last month, no longer rendering its nickname some kind of cruel misnomer. Perth was Scotland’s capital for 500 years until the 15th century.

Fraserburgh - ‘The Broch’

Founded in the 16th century as Faithlie, ‘The Broch’ became Fraserburgh in 1601. Broch is a variation of the word ‘burgh’. Traditionally known as a fishing port, Fraserburgh is home to the oldest mainland lighthouse in Scotland.

Dumfries - ‘Queen of the South’

A rather apt nickname for a city surrounded by the region’s beautiful landscapes, Dumfries residents are also nicknamed ‘Doonhamers’ - as in ‘down home’.

• Why not share the nicknames of your own town in the comments below?