Music review: Liam Gallagher John Squire, Barrowland, Glasgow

Performing material drawn almost exclusively from their self-titled debut album, Liam Gallagher and John Squire could have done with an anthem or two to lift this Glasgow show, writes Fiona Shepherd

Liam Gallagher John Squire, Barrowland, Glasgow **

In naming their Manchester superduo Liam Gallagher John Squire, the former Oasis and Stone Roses stars are as upfront and predictable as their music. At a push, one could argue that they stretch each other. Gallagher is certainly a more consistent vocal foil for Squire than Roses singer Ian Brown, while Gallagher gets to front a marginally more diverse array of songwriting styles thanks to Squire’s wider tastes, even if he also needs to cede some of the limelight to his guitar solos. Musical dynamics aside, this show was predominantly about the potential buzz of seeing two parka-toting indie rock titans together in a relatively intimate venue.

The show started well with a couple of their stronger songs. Previous single Just Another Rainbow elicited one of the few audience singalongs of the night and Squire's skills were on show from the off, even if he was literally riffing on psychedelic and rhythm’n’blues ideas which are 60 years old. Mars to Liverpool was lighter and chirpier but the outright bluesy strut of I’m A Wheel was more a vibe than a song.

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Gallagher had little to do beyond a cursory maraca shake on the Hendrix-like blues rock workout Love You Forever and it quickly became apparent that their set, drawn almost exclusively from their self-titled debut album, was lacking that anthem to lift proceedings.

“Is anybody bored?” Gallagher asked brazenly before delivering the moderately punky I'm So Bored. Raise Your Hands was jaunty enough but hardly inspired. A couple of shirtless lads on shoulders disappeared back into the crowd and anyone vainly hoping for a taste of the duo’s respective back catalogues was to leave disappointed after less than an hour, which culminated in a faithful but rushed cover of Jumping Jack Flash.