Music review: Bad Company

More than 40 years down the line, classic rockers Bad Company are still all about the lovin', and a little bit about the drinkin'. Fortunately, svelte veteran Paul Rodgers still has the rock god voice to convey those lusty intentions, and it was definitely no chore spending 90 minutes in the company of his effortlessly powerful pipes, ornamented with a spot of deft mike stand twirling. The rest of the band, including guitarist Mick Ralphs, did enough but no more to match him.

Bad Company performed at the Hydro.
Bad Company performed at the Hydro.

The Hydro, Glasgow ***

Consequently, this was a dignified, efficient set from the onetime supergroup, as much about showcasing the songwriting as delivering an authoritative performance. There was never any real sense of predatory danger coming from the stage but the sound was satisfyingly meaty when required and any potential stodge was lightened by harmony backing vocals or Rodgers’ forays behind the piano.

Within their solidly 70s rock parameters, there was a fair bit of variety, from the conventional soft rocking Electricland via the rootsy Crazy Circles to the dry ice-doused bluesy hard rocker Burnin’ Sky with a stomping backbone supplied by founding member Simon Kirke. New song Troubleshooter slotted easily into this good company though fell somewhere short of the pop dynamism of Feel Like Makin’ Love with its still potent blend of country soul verses leading up to the crunch of the chorus.

Their other big rock radio hit Can’t Get Enough retained its sashay though it was the old-gang-back-together sentiment of their self-titled signature tune which spoke best to the occasion.