Island of the Week: Inchmahome

In this week’s edition, we look at Inchmahome, a small island in the Lake of Menteith.

Location: Lake of Menteith, near Stirling

Population: 0

Gaelic Name: Innis MoCholmaig


Inchmahome Priory has played an important role in Scotland’s history. Founded in 1238 by Walter Comyn, the Earl of Menteith, it was originally home to members of the Augustinian order.

Robert the Bruce is known to have visited the island at least three times. In 1358 Robert Stewart, the future King, also stayed at the priory.

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However, perhaps the most famous visitor to the island has given rise to many legends of her own.

Mary Queen of Scots also spent time on Inchmahome as a child. For a few weeks, the young Mary was hidden on the island after the Scots army were defeated at the Battle of Pinkie Cleugh


Inchmahome Priory is overseen by Historic Scotland. The boat trip out to the island in the spring and summer provides a gentle break as you make your way to the priory.

As well as the priory, the small island features luscious greenery which is cared for by the stewards - a great place for a quiet picnic - while the island also has a shop for visitors.

During the winter, Lake Menteith can often freeze over, in which case it hosts an outdoor curling tournament called The Bonspiel or the Grand Match.

How to get there

A boat service run by the site stewards leaves the mainland fairly regularly from Port of Menteith.

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