Gig review: Twin Atlantic

Twin Atlantic's mohawked and leather jacket-wearing singer Sam McTrusty thanked Glasgow so loudly, frequently and profusely in this first in a triple-header of homecoming shows that you had to wonder if he doesn't get tearfully homesick on a trip to Paisley.

Twin Atlantic
Twin Atlantic

Twin Atlantic

Barrowlands, Glasgow

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McTrusty at one point sang a crunchy solo ode to Glasgow titled Mothertongue which, while a bit on the cheesily overemphatic side, spoke thoughtfully to the sometimes fine line between loving and loathing where you come from. Like everything that passed his lips throughout the evening, it was rapturously received.

New material such as The Chaser and No Sleep had a muscular, bombastic edge that made for a useful counterpoint to their chest-
beating, bleeding-hearted andBiffy Clyro-esque stadium-bating anthemry.

Lightspeed was a golden oldie dug out live for the first time since 2009. Whispers commenced with the kind of blast of blinding white stage lights that leaves you seeing spots. Hold On, Heart and Soul, Brothers & Sisters and No Sleep power-hosed on the mass-vocalising choruses, the screeching guitars and the Glasgow-love at the end, before the band departed pointedly without an encore. Well, unless you count the next two nights’ sold-out shows.