Gig review: Blink 182, SECC, Glasgow

WHAT’S My Age Again?’s the titular question of one of the earliest globe-spanning hits pummelled out here, one of many causes of frenzied, air-punching euphoria amidst the crowd.

It’s worth pondering that one - the trio onstage would each answer “pushing 40” if they wanted to be discreet about it and not admit at least one of their number’s arrived there already. Yet here they are, back playing songs of teen angst and rebellion to a mix of “old” fans and a brand new target generation comeback album Neighbourhoods.

After a half-decade post-split hiatus in the late 2000s, and a reasonably successful solo career with Angels & Airwaves in singer Tom DeLonge’s case, this show felt as much like a cash cow as a nostalgia trip. Like a Red Hot Chili Peppers who never grew up, the trio are all frantic, hormonal energy and little subtlety beyond the blunt sentiments of youth. Yet cycling through a packed set which included the breezy punk-pop of The Rock Show, First Date, and All the Small Things, the ferocious Happy Holidays, You B****** and the indignant yearning of I Miss You and Always, memory lane was at least fully explored.

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Frat-boy humour, of course, came as standard and a moment of striking unity came when mark Hoppus grabbed a fan’s camera and took some photos of his band mates. “Thirteen years ago,” pointed out DeLonge, “I would have just taken a picture of my ****.” Then they must be grown-ups after all.

Rating: ***