Game review: Grand Theft Auto III: 10 Year Anniversary

THAT Edinburgh’s own Rockstar North has ported 2001 PlayStation 2 smash Grand Theft Auto III across to the iOS format is nothing short of remarkable.

For a mere £2.99 you can play the full game just as you remember it, and sink around 40 plus hours into completing the massive plot.

Going back to Liberty City today shows just how much the game has aged, but this is not a problem. There is a quaint charm to the dodgy character animation, and in seeing familiar sights as you drive around the crime-ridden streets.

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The controls are functional, and make decent use of your iPhone or iPad touch screen, although it’s likely you will yearn for a control pad on many occasions.

Surprisingly, Rockstar North has improved on some of the game’s visuals, as seen in texture improvements and other tweaks, which makes it better than a straight port. As you take to the streets and rise up through the criminal underworld, you will encounter many nostalgic sights and sounds.

Familiar radio station tracks, classic missions and recognisable areas such as Chinatown and the second island’s bustling downtown areas will bring memories flooding back. To feel like this and enjoy a game that defined a gaming generation for such a low price is proof of what is possible on iOS today.

• Grand The Auto III: 10 Year Anniversary

£2.99, iPhone/iPad

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