Game review: Aliens: Colonial Marines

THIS should have been a no-brainer. Take one of the world’s best-loved sci-fi movies (James Cameron’s 1986 classic Aliens) and throw the player into the action for a furious first-person shootout with the iconic xenomorphs.

Aliens: Colonial Marines

Sega, PC/PS3/Xbox 360, £23.99 to £39.99 (depending on format)

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The early screen shots and game footage looked fantastic. Regrettably, the final product is a mess. Everything feels outdated, lazy and unfinished (which is bizarre considering the release date was pushed back several times). This would be forgivable if it played smoothly, but nearly every level feels like a chore. Even more frustrating, it actually looks worse than the early demos; the graphics are crude while gameplay is buggy and hampered by poor AI.