Gadget Review: Sennheiser Ivory Momentum

YOU will struggle to find another pair of headphones below the £200 mark that come close to emulating the elegant and stylish finish Sennheiser have delivered with the Ivory Momentum.

Sennheiser Ivory Momentum
Sennheiser Ivory Momentum

Sennheiser Ivory Momentum

£169.99 RRP

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Beautiful to behold, the body consists of these on-ear phones has brushed stainless steel sliders and a hint of exposed cable nestled beneath a headband covered in Alcantara, a suede-like material found in the interiors of high-end cars.

The overall statement - which harks back to modernist 1960s design signatures - is a bold one by a German company renowned for its sound performance, if not its aesthetics. Indeed, Sennheiser’s desire to produce a cosmetically alluring headset is evident in the dashing zipped carry case and range of detachable cables that accompany the main phones. The Momentum range, simply put, proves that style and sound are not mutually exclusive.

So too, none of this comes at the expense of comfort or portability. A three button remote control with built-in microphone makes it easy to field telephone calls or adjust settings while on the move. The headband is snug and light, while the same durable material on the inside of cups is soft and rests gently against the earlobes. The only downside is that exterior noise still manages to creep through on occasion, although in most scenarios, the isolation is adequate.

The frequency range is superbly balanced no matter what type of music is played. At every volume level, the sound is crisp and clear, with strong bass performance and a dazzling top end. Although the low-range can take precedence with pop and rock tracks, the mid-range is never crowded out.