Fringe Dance review: Un Poyo Rojo

Un Poyo Rojo | Dance Base (22) | Star rating: ****

Dance can move you in many ways, often to tears – but rarely is that through laughter. Well Alfonso Barón and Luciano Rosso are here to change all that, with this joyous, funny and skilful hour of comedic dance.

Based in Argentina, Un Poyo Rojo was founded in 2008 as a variety act, and steadily grew into a full show. Set in a locker room, where two wrestlers are preparing for their fight, the action moves from contemporary dance to physical theatre, to commercial street dance and back again.

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At first, it’s a game of one-upmanship – who can do the best moves, display the most strength in their tiny shorts and vests – but it’s a level competition. Both men are technically strong dancers; whether they’re being graceful, jazzy or mock aggressive, it’s all done with style.

Alfonso Barón and Luciano Rosso dont put a foot wrong here. Picture: Amy Sinead Photography

And then the relationship between Barón and Rosso starts to become key, as we realise that one is clearly sweet on the other, but it’s painfully unreciprocated.

Placing a cigarette provocatively into his mouth, Rosso attempts to flirt with Barón. But when it comes to no good, he slides in another cigarette, and another, in a display of physical comedy that has the audience in stitches.

To begin with, everything is performed in silence, but when Barón switches on the radio, we find out just how talented these men are. As he dials through the channels, we hear bursts of music interspersed with spoken word and I had (wrongly) assumed this was all pre-recorded, so perfectly do they respond to what comes out. But no, the radio is live, which means each night that entire segment of the show is different, but no doubt equally hilarious.

• Until 27 August. Today 7:15pm.

Alfonso Barón and Luciano Rosso dont put a foot wrong here. Picture: Amy Sinead Photography