Five Scottish hotels you may not know are haunted

From ghostly clan warriors to mischievous poltergeists, Scotland has more than its fair share of haunted hotels.

Norwood Hall Hotel


Aberdeen’s Norwood Hotel claims to have three ghosts. They are said to be of James Ogston, who used to own the hotel, his wife and his mistress.

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James purchased Norwood in 1872 and rebuilt it in 1881 for his mistress so they could meet while he lived in Ardoe House with his young family.

Ord House Hotel

His wife and mistress wanted him to leave the other, but he refused. Norwood is now believed to be haunted by all three, with his wife apparently being the most active.

James has been seen in the dining room in front of the log fire, while his mistress is said to haunt the main stairs, apparently looking for her lover.

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Barcaldine Castle

Built in 1637, Ord House is not only of historic interest but boasts a resident ghost.

She can been seen on occasions in the corridors or a bedroom in her white Victorian nightgown.

She is friendly, but apparently mischievous, and does not care if the house is full of visitors.

She is said to be heard roaming the corridors of the hotel late at night, and has been seen sitting on the end of the guest’s beds.

Airth Castle Hotel

She’s also known for removing pictures that she doesn’t like from the walls of the hotel.


Barcaldine Castle is a tower house castle that was built by Sir Duncan Campbell, a man who was known for his “black” heart between 1591 and 1601.

It’s said to be haunted by the ghost of Donald Campbell, Duncan’s brother.

The Edinbane Lodge on Skye

The Campbell clan were embroiled in a bitter dispute with the MacDonald clan for hundreds of years and there were many murders on either side.

None of those who were murdered haunt the castle besides Donald Campbell, who started haunting the castle to chastise his brother Duncan.

The man who had murdered Donald, Stewart of Appin, stayed at Barcaldine Castle, and as was customary in the Highlands, Duncan gave his guest free food and board.

This angered Donald and so he haunted his brother in an effort to make him realise that his guest was actually his murderer. Donald has remained at the castle since then, spooking guests and staff alike.


There have been sightings of a nanny with two young children who are said to have perished in a fire at the castle.

Ord House Hotel

The sound of children playing has been heard in rooms 3,9 and 23.

Guests at Airth Castle have also reported hearing cries and screams from a maid who it is said was attacked by her master.

A dog, with a fondness for biting ankles, is also believed to frequent the hallways.

The Castle was once owned by the family of Robert the Bruce and dates back to the 14th century.

It is surrounded by a 12th century graveyard, 18th century stables and 14 acres of parkland.


Reputed to be the oldest coaching house on Skye, dating back to the 16th century.

It is not really surprising that a building with such a strong pervading sense of history should also be home to a few harmless hauntings. All of the ghostly activities are centred on the ground floor of the Lodge.

A gentleman in black is often spotted at the entrance whilst a black-garbed, elderly grandmother can sometimes be glimpsed knitting by the fire. With her is usually a spaniel.

A really active spot is the passage behind the bar where an elderly lady in night clothing appears.

These “extra” guests never bother the “ real” guests, so the owners are more than happy to give them house room.


Barcaldine Castle
Airth Castle Hotel
The Edinbane Lodge on Skye