Fashion: Mad for the return of 60s glamour

THE return of Mad Men has sparked a sudden surge in style nostalgia.

The series that gets tongues wagging around the water cooler also has women queuing up to look like the show’s leading ladies. So much so that Mad Men’s costume designer Janie Bryant teamed up with American brand Banana Republic to recreate a range of clothing inspired by the start of the swinging 60s.

On this side of the pond the vintage revival is all over the high street too, so we don’t have to feel left behind. There is an explosion of colour, pattern and texture that ticks all the boxes for this time period, so you’ll look like you should be walking the halls of Sterling Cooper.

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Be it Betty, Joan or Peggy you take your style nods from, there is a look to suit every shape. The early 1960s were all about celebrating the female form. It is an ultra-feminine look, which encourages the use of colour.

To go the whole fashion hog get yourself a full skirt and find a good underskirt. The fabulous thing about this look is that, the fuller you go, the tinier your waist appears.

Floral tea dresses work a treat for this, and the great thing about a tea dress is that they also look sensational worn solo if you don’t want to rock the retro look. Fling on a pair of flip flops and pashmina come summer and you’ve found the perfect sun dress.

This dress shape is on trend at the moment so you’ll find a wide range on the high street, be it above or below the knee.

Accessorising is mandatory if you want to master Mad Men dressing. Adding a hat or handbag to your outfit is a must. This is something you have to take time over, so heading into the wardrobe to pull out any old clutch is a no-no.

This is the only time contrived clothing is cool. Keep accessories the same colour if you want to nail the vibe, or mix them up to add a modern twist.

Accessories give you the opportunity to diversify the dress. There are a plethora of pretty collars available right now. Pop one over the neckline of a dress or a simple T-shirt to change the whole style aesthetic.

• Model, Shona Tait; assisted by Coral Condeco, Emma Prior and Louise Arnot; hair and make-up by Ebony at Mannequin Creative