Escape artist attempts Peterhead Prison jailbreak

A Scottish escape artist is to attempt a jail break from the site of one of Scotland's most notorious prisons.

An escape artist will attempt to break free from the old Peterhead Prison, part of which is now run as a museum. PIC: Robert Perry/TSPL.

Andy Robertson will be locked in a genuine high security cell with his arms and ankles cuffed ahead of the attempt at Peterhead Prison Museum.

He will be given 30 minutes to break free.

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“To our knowledge this has never been attempted before under such strict conditions in Scotland,” a spokesman for Peterhead Prison Museum said.

Escape artist Andy Robertson will attempt the jail break on October 31. PIC: Peterhead Prison Museum/Facebook.

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Robertson, the only Scottish member of United Kingdom Escape Artists, has been challenged by the daughter of the late world-famous escape artist David De-Val to attempt the jail break under a strict set of rules.

The cell will be checked with Robertson to undergo a full medical examination to insure nothing is concealed that could aid his escape.

Escape artist Andy Robertson will attempt the jail break on October 31. PIC: Peterhead Prison Museum/Facebook.

Robertson will the be placed in modern type ankle restraints and handcuffs with a locksmith to check the security of the cell.

The spokesman added: “The prison cell is very secure, it has a high security window & custodial lock that will also be checked and verified. Andy will then be locked in and has a maximum of 30 minutes to escape the restraints and the prison cell.”

Robert said the rules surrounding the escape created a set of “challenging circumstances.”

He added: “This is going to be for me the ultimate test of my ability as an escape artist and escapologist.

“I have accepted the challenge under one condition, that Rebecca (De Val’s daughter) and the public attend the escape attempt to verify it is carried out as stated.

“The former Peterhead Prison although now a museum remains to have a very realistic prison environment nothing has changed for the exception there is no prisoners.

“This for me makes it the perfect place to undertake the escape. Also the date of the attempt is important as it will be the anniversary of the death of famous escape artist and jail breaker Harry Houdini.”

Peterhead Prison Museum opened in June 2016 after prisoners were decanted from what became known as Scotland’s “hate factory”.

It housed some of Scotland’s most notorious offenders, including paedophile and murderer Robert Black and serial killer Peter Tobin.

On the night of the escape attempt, spectators are invited into the former prison to inspect the cell and restraints that will be used by Robertson.

Tickets will go on sale on the Peterhead Prison Museum website on October 6 at 10am.