Edinburgh firm unveil ‘Pet Roulette’ game

EARLY adopters of the iPhone may well remember iRevolver, a game that brought the age-old game of Russian Roulette to the mobile market, and now a Scottish independent studio have put a rodent-themed twist on the formula.

A screenshot from Pet Roulette. Picture: Nevistech
A screenshot from Pet Roulette. Picture: Nevistech

Pet Roulette by Edinburgh’s Nevistech offers a casual, if frenetically paced take on the lethal game of chance. Inspired by the graphics and animations of the Banzai television series, it pits players with eliminating as many hamsters as possible in a series of entertaining game modes.

Anthony Macgrath, the founder of Nevistech, said the free Android game tied in with the firm’s remit of creating “mobile games with personality.”

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Working with consultant Phil Harris to hone the pop-art design, he hopes the game will find favour with players who have fond memories of trying to beat a friend’s high score on the ZX Spectrum.

He explained: “Our aim was to produce a polished game from start to finish in just three months. We also wanted to create something that would get people talking, to help cut through the noise in today’s crowded app market.

“We started thinking about some of the early novelty iPhone games, like iRevolver, and wondered if we could re-invent the concept, but with a deeper gameplay mechanic. We wanted to create something that had a novelty feel, but with solid gameplay.”

Mr Macgrath added: “It was never really about killing hamsters.”