Do these dogs look like Star Wars characters

Thursday is May the Fourth, which has been branded '˜Star Wars Day' in recent years by dedicated fans of the movie franchise.

Dogs Trust in Scotland is commemorating this annual event by showcasing some of their current canine residents who look suspiciously like famous characters from the popular sci-fi series.

Dogs Trust have sent in images of dogs they believe look like characters from the famous franchise.

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So do you think Cody the one-year-old Cocker Spaniel looks like Chewbacca? Or do you think that Cole the six-year-old Terrier looks more like an Ewok?

While this article has been used to celebrate Star Wars Day, please remember that these dogs do need a home.

Unlike their famous counterparts, these loveable anims are not in a galaxy far, far away, so if you are interested in rehoming a dog, please get in touch with Dogs Trust on 0303 003 0000 or visit: