DJ Podcast: Red D

This week we hear from Belgian house DJ Red D.

Name: Red D

Hometown: Deinze, Belgium (near Ghent)

Style: House

Label: We Play House Recordings


Track List:

1: Spenich – Smoke Filled Room

2: 2 Guys – Sweet Illusion

3: Jacob Korn & Cuthead – You & Me

4: Redshape – The Playground

5: Daphni – Ahora

Lauer – Ma6: csat Ring Down Recloose – Electric Sunshine (Andrès Remix)

7: The Black Madonna – We Don’t Need No Music

8: DJ Tennis – The Outcast (Morgan Geist Remix)

9: Walls vs Gerd Janson & Prins Thomas

10: Blake Baxter – Enjoy The Silence (Inner Sight)

Q & A:

What’s your top tune of the moment?

Metrobox – Ode To WPH (Humandrone Remix)

First track you bought was…

DJ Hooligan – It’s A Dream’s Song

Favourite all time track is…

Pleasure Zone - Fantasy

Your favourite DJ is…

Levon Vincent & Laurent Garnier

What made you want to be a DJ/Producer?


If you weren’t a DJ, what would you be?

A chef or a bar owner.

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What was your first experience of electronic music/clubbing?

New Beat, Belgian music style originating in the mid 80ies.

What DJs and artists have influenced you?

The whole spectrum - Detroit, Chicago & New York - old and new.

How would you describe your style?

House, with a very open mind, both towards the underground and towards the upperground. There’s nothing more fun than playing a commercial track at an underground party and playing an underground track at a big room party, just to make people realize that in the end there is only good music and bad music, and that is a very subjective taste.

When working in the studio, do you have a golden formula?

There are no formulas for me, I just do something and see if it makes my head bob.

What’s your favourite piece of studio equipment?

San Soda

What do you use to DJ?

Vinyl and the very odd CDR. Everything else is not interesting and takes away from my pleasure of DJ’ing.

What advice can you give anyone wanting to start DJing?

Don’t follow the Beatport Top 20…

Have you got a favourite club or festival?

Impossible to choose. One club can be amazing the first time, and then boring the next, there are too many variables in this one. One place where I’ve had the best of nights for 15 years long is a local bar in Deinze called Clues.

What’s been happening in 2012?

This season I’ve mostly been playing house…

What have you got coming up in the near future?

More WPH music, more Red D solo efforts, some big things with FCL (my project with San Soda), basically everything I’ve been doing for the last years.