Dance, physical theatre & circus review: The Sensemaker And Drop The Gogo, ZOO Charteris

Arriving in her smart skirt and blouse, Elsa Couvreur looks interview-ready and eager to please. But frustration builds as time and again she's told by a disembodied voice that it will be her turn soon, and in the meantime, here's some wait music.

The Sensemaker And Drop The Gogo, ZOO Charteris (Venue 124) ****

We’ve all been there, hanging on the phone, driven mad by the repetitive tune – but few use their time so inventively. Lip-synching in different languages at speed, Couvreur delivers cinematic lines (including a great quote from Trainspotting), each accompanied by fast-paced hand-gestures.

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When she eventually gets the chance to sell herself, Couvreur is presented with a series of tick-box, yes and no questions, that do nothing to elicit her true personality. We feel her pain – and ultimate redemptive joy – as she chooses another path.

Swiss company Woman’s Move clearly has something to say about work, because from The Sensemaker we move to Drop the Gogo, a completely different yet complementary piece. How we choose to spend our time, especially during the hours of work is the focus here too.

Six black plinths sit empty and expectant, until one by one, a dancer slides out from inside and stands up. Dressed for the nightclub, they quickly pick up the beat and start to dance. Their moves are confident, fast, glorious to watch – like dancers in a slick video.

But it’s clear all is not as it seems; they pose for the camera but are these people dancing for their own pleasure, or for ours?

Reaching inside the plinth, they pull out uniforms and tools for copious trades, from plumber to doctor to police officer. “What do you want to be when you grow up?” asks a voice. The answer is left hanging in the air.

• Until 11 August, 6pm