Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman, 30/09/13

Monday’s puzzle...


1 Hard experienced defender had to retain possession (4,4)

5 It’s difficult to get up when short of money (4-2)

9 Did a new first team run off to the match with a Springbok? (8)

10 Cabinet cut short top diplomat who choked (6)

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12 Can take offence, by the end, but will still bear fruit (9)

13 May be grown up, but is mistaken (5)

14 Deliver a long speech about article of faith after Sunday (6)

17 In North America, I have become rather ingenuous (5)

20 Popular turn-out for growth in a small enclosure (5)

21 Hector could turn out to be a grade B (6)

24 Settle for entertainment in the local arts centre, at last (5)

25 Real super-star came back to speak on comprehensive (9)

28 Disabled neglected and uncared for, so not carried out (6)

29 Plan of action for a political party, at some stage (8)

30 Move to one side, when left inside Primary Seven (6)

31 Supports some positions, by the end (6,2)


1 Tries, at times, to hold one suit (6)

2 Concealed opening, locked at hospital department (6)

3 Gloss over, having to live by invention (5)

4 About to take spin to one popular tourist spot (5)

6 Grant had to tolerate a new church (9)

7 Tyrannical one posted off to China, initially (8)

8 Find the origin of a family tree, on line (8)

11 Repaired, having to finish up in the sea (6)

15 Did a faithful girl have to study her posture? (9)

16 A symbol may, in fact, resemble monogram (6)

18 Did some model workers have strange fits? (8)

19 Odds on boy had performed first-class (8)

22 Stay at the crease with small staffs (6)

23 Appear before heartless lady in character (6)

26 Everyone had to come back to share things out (5)

27 Old fellow had to score half, in many cases (5)