Cryptic Crossword - The Scotsman 29/04/13

Monday’s puzzle...
Grid: Hugh JohnsonGrid: Hugh Johnson
Grid: Hugh Johnson


1 Attend a new church taken at face value (10)

6 Had an exciting time, back in a Norse epic (4)

10 Have an inclination to control leadership, in charge (9)

11 Rich head-dress from Croatia raised a lot of money (5)

12 Government (like 10 across) had to run, for example, with one man at the end (6)

13 Wears away old 9 down, in turn (4,3)

15 Mulls over regrets, having little time at its heart (9)

18 Heath removed a prime mover from the US (5)

19 Put back valuable instrument for local games (5)

21 Made amends for having lined up in the grass (9)

23 Resentment at finding old king in control (7)

24 Did poor ball-player miss a catch, in the end? (6)

27 As dense as any yokel, after some time (5)

28 Over 100 had an unfair approach (9)

29 Dignitary in office inside a new cathedral (4)

30 Can the directors cope with their workers, at last (10)


1 Some maidens may offer support to a senior officer (4)

2 Gather the prize money in a hand-bag in the US (5)

3 Have to turn, indeed, to a public sale (7)

4 Although in the drink, US soldier was quite lively (5)

5 Owned up to having fenced off old ship (9)

7 Compares relations for their similarities (9)

8 At the forefront of artistic expression in France (5-5)

9 The image of you, we hear, in position (6)

14 Left no trace having been pulled up by the roots (10)

16 May spoil fish with it, having a cocktail (9)

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17 Left a runt at a disadvantage, coping with a venomous spider (9)

20 Have a shot at goal in action (6)

22 Crack down, in order to head off soldiers with other troops (7)

24 Aimed to develop mass communications (5)

25 Angry about one old council tax (5)

26 Find a passage through the dried-up wadi trail (4)