Cryptic Crossword - The Scotsman 28/08/13

Monday’s puzzle...


1 Use map to market new development of entertainment centre (9,4)

10 Mysterious turn-about after old science degree (7)

11 Would militant characters rough up in the same manner? (7)

12 Leaders beat retreat after training little rascal (4)

13 Start to get over trauma to win rich reward (5)

14 Would large growth mark a stable company? (4)

17 Director had to manage with only one verse (9)

19 The last runner over the hill had a fit (5)

20 Turn in, got up, having to awaken


22 I get last one off, but presses charges (9)

24 Reverse in the school-run, down-town (4)

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25 Did sailor get over, right away, to a higher position? (5)

27 In the summer, go outside therefore (4)

30 Left out one more run made by old craftsman (7)

31 Had to figure out new time to be creditworthy (7)

32 Did old Scot character have to assess the frequency of deaths? (9,4)


2 Hidden meaning in cable of few words (7)

3 Took back some firearms in good order (4)

4 Comes across suitable small sporting contests (5)

5 Went off for ages to find new paper seller (9)

6 Was in fine fettle in gym class, right after (4)

7 Criticise barrier put right out of commission (7)

8 Bent over with distress causing twice as many problems (6,7)

9 Sort out shrub made into clothing items (7,6)

15 Was little fellow employed at United? (5)

16 Boasts that old line manager took a long time out East (5)

18 Mean to use Braille, and have one left (9)

21 Go through submarine to make some headway (7)

23 At a high point, a gap caused a flash flood (7)

26 Call on little girl to pose for artist (5)

28 Second Greek character had little time for porn (4)

29 Run down second left to get to ancient city (4)